Structured corporate Operations. Opening and closing of companies, mergers, incorporations and spin-off anywhere in the country.

Registry of Commerce

  • Filing of Corporate Documents of Corporations and Limited Liability Companies
  • Filing of Corporate Reorganizations (Merger, Consolidation and Divestment)
  • Filing of Legal Entity Conversion
  • Filing of Powers of Attorney
  • Filing of Publications
  • Name search
  • Abstract of record
  • Photocopying
  • Full content and simplified certificate
  • Transcription and filing of corporate books

Special Filings

  • Regional Councils or Specific Agencies
  • Filings with the Social Security (INSS), Severance Pay Fund (FGTS), the State, the City, the Ministry of Labor
  • Filing with Trade Unions
  • Registration of Exporter and/or Importer with the Siscomex – Radar system – Simplified/Ordinary
  • Filing with the Federal Suppliers Registry (Sicaf)
  • Filing of Controlled Products (Federal and Civil Police and the Army)
  • Municipal Operation Permit

Central Bank

  • Foreign capital census in Brazil

Internal Revenue Secretariat

  • Enrollment/Amendment of Corporation in the National Registry of Legal Entities (CNPJ)
  • Enrollment of Individuals (CPF)
  • Normalization of pending record or tax issues
  • Follow-up of administrative proceedings
  • Prior debt search
  • Full debt search
  • Cancellation of Enrollment

Notary Office

  • Regular copies
  • Certified copies
  • Certification of signatures by similarity and authenticity
  • Public power of attorney
  • Reissuance of documents

Registry of Deeds and Documents

  • Filing of documents
  • Search
  • Notification
  • Full content certificate
  • Abstract of record

Licenses and Complementary Services

  • Fire department inspection certificate
  • CETESB (environmental authority) license application
  • CETESB license application and waiver
  • Tax receipt book issuance authorization
  • Obtainment of municipal operation permits
  • Credit restrictions search with SERASA, SCI Equifax and SPC
  • Legalization of documents at Consulates
  • Publication in newspapers
  • Documents for foreign citizens

Maintenance of Certificates

Maintenance of certificates includes obtaining from time to time such certificates issued by various Governmental agencies in order to allow the client to demonstrate at any time that its company is compliant.

Such compliance is critical to, for instance, contract with the Government, take part in tenders, execute other contracts relating to works, services, including advertising, procurement, disposal and leases at federal, state, local and Federal District levels.

Fiscal Certificates

  • Social Security (INSS)
  • Severance Pay Fund (FGTS)
  • Federal Taxes and Contributions
  • Federal Active Debt
  • State Treasury Secretariat
  • Municipal Treasury Secretariat

Real Estate Certificates

  • Real estate and twenty-year title
  • Property tax clearance certificate (IPTU)
  • Market value
  • Search before the Real Estate Registry Offices
  • Property Tax exemption request (ITBI)
  • Filing of Documents before the Real Estate Registry Office

Court Certificates

  • Protest office
  • Civil, fiscal executive, criminal enforcement distributors
  • Federal Courts
  • Labor Courts
  • Criminal records from the Federal Police and from the Public Safety Secretariat
  • Certificates from the Consumer Courts, Labor Courts and Environmental Courts’ Prosecutors’ Offices